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Kite and Surf Trip to Siargao

Kite and Surf Trip to Siargao


So the last tour stop of the KTA is history and it's time for me to check out some new locations.

I heard about an island with the most famous filipino surf spot "Cloud 9", the islands name is Siargao. I made up some plans wt Kathrin to go there and check it out for kiting, as i'm more dedicated to the surf this season it was a good opportunity.

It was kinda love at first sight.
The travel from Boracay is short and easy to do, a flight to Cebu and on to Siargao... that would have been the direct way, but somehow it did not work out wt the flight times so we went from Kalibo to Manila to Cebu to Siargao... three flights later we arrived tired but happy on the island. We check into the 101 hotel, which we got recommended from a few friends that been here before.

We found a little tranquil paradise, it's laid back, the palm trees are still standing, no big concrete bunkers, no Korean tour guide pushing a heard of followers around, many places to discover and a lot of dirt roads, just the way i like it.

The wind was not really good the first couple of days so we did the exploring part first. We rented a motorbike and off up north. The pave road / dirt road ration is probably about 50/50... so u need some time to get all the way up. There are plenty of surfspots along the way, but since it is not the surf season and to windy for good swell, we could only imagine what the spots look like wt clean swell.
We checked out the rock pools near Pilar, which are honestly not something that has to be on ur to do list, specially if ur living on a beach anyway. It's basically just a few holes in the reef that are filled wt clean water during low tide. U can just sit in and enjoy the warm water.

We travels on to San Isidor and Burgos, which are pretty small towns in the middle of nowhere along the road. Every couple of kilometres we stopped to have a look at the endless flat water spots wt big waves on the reef all along.


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