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Peaceful Dinagat Island

Peaceful Dinagat Island



Ever have those moments where you just sit down and wonder? Dinagat Island gave me plenty of those moments. It was raw, it was peaceful, it was beautiful and it made me wonder...

Sometimes it can seem a bit "wild and naive" to throw yourself into adventure. The world seems to push so many reasons for us to be afraid. Rightfully so... we have to respect that there are negative things that could happen in our lives. In fact we have to be realistic that there are negative thing happening in the lives of others everyday.

But that doesn't mean we can't face them one day at a time.

I think sometimes a lot of people may wonder why I am so "careless" in the sense of my adventures and life. Well... it isn't careless. It is just I understand myself now.

I understand I don't need to be afraid.

Filipinos taught me that.

There are millions of Filipinos who experience difficulties and hardships I will never fully understand and most likely won't have to endure in my life. But they don't allow those difficulties and hardships to get in the way of something...


I don't fear negative things happening in my life anymore. I don't fear the future. I don't fear hardship...

I fear allowing those things to take away from me living.

I see Filipinos everyday who don't allow them to...

and neither will I.

If something bad happens in my life or in one of my adventures, I will simply sit down, look at the beauty of life, and face whatever it is...

One day at a time.


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