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Preserving Siargao’s unspoiled beauty

Preserving Siargao’s unspoiled beauty


#JuanEffectSiargao aims to collect and recycle plastic bottles on the island

Preserving Siargao's unspoiled beauty
From left: Erwan Heussaff, Anina Rubio, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman in front of the mural on the perimeter wall of Dapa Elementary School

Siargao, one of the country’s top surfing destinations, has been drawing in more tourists who love its raw beauty.

While it’s also home to many restaurants offering international fare—the pizza at Kermit is great—and is enjoying good tourist traffic, the teardrop-shaped island in Surigao del Norte is still largely unspoiled.

For first-time visitors, the view from the plane can be exhilarating: the island filled with swaying coconut trees, the sea combed with big, splashing waves, with no eye-distracting commercial buildings.


As Siargao becomes more accessible to the public comes the downside—a looming threat of environmental damage.

Cebu Pacific, which flies daily from Manila and Cebu to Siargao, recently launched a campaign, “Juan Effect,” to raise awareness among Filipinos to be responsible tourists by throwing trash properly and reducing waste.

clean preserve siargao
Mornings in Siargao usually look like this.
save siargao island
Cebu Pacific’s colorful surfboards encourage tourists and locals to make a pledge toward sustainable practices.
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