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Siargao Island - Philippines,Cost of Living

Siargao Island - Philippines,Cost of Living

In this Siargao Island Cost of Living video, we will visit the best Siargao tourist spots and several of the best Siargao surfing spots. Our animated Google Earth map and Siargao map make it easy to create your Siargao itinerary. Foreigners living in Siargao enjoy the weather and appreciate the cost of food in Siargao finding it very affordable compared to other international surfing destinations. Siargao foreigners also find it one of the best places to learn how to surf and also enjoy island hopping. COST OF LIVING IN PHILIPPINES The cost of living in the Philippines is very affordable and Siargao prices are no exception, General Luna, Siargao is the hub of tourism and you will find; where to stay in Siargao, General Luna accommodations, Where to eat in Siargao and restaurants in Siargao, and the costs. SIARGAO ISLAND For adventure seekers, nature lovers, nomads, and active retirees, Siargao Island is a great place for an extended visit or maybe even your next home. Living costs on the island will vary greatly depending on where you are on the island as well as your personal comfort level. Budget backpackers staying in a hostel can get by for as little as $600 per month. An ex-pat with a year lease can get by for under $900 per month. Nomads, living here month-to-month, staying in the General Luna area, eating out all meals, renting a motorbike for the whole time, and doing a fair amount of island activities can expect to spend about $1,200 - $1,600 per month or more. Stay tuned as we travel around the Island and see what these budgets look like in General Luna, Pacifico, Cloud 9 Village, and even a Secret Spot. WHERE TO STAY ON SIARGAO ISLAND General Luna is the main destination for tourism and prices in this area will usually be the highest on the island. Tourism infrastructure runs from the town of General Luna down tourism Road to the Cloud 9 surf break. ACCOMMODATIONS IN GENERAL LUNA Budget accommodations in and around General Luna for a hostel, dorm, or simple apartment will cost $10-20 USD per night. The same size room for a month may cost as low as $130 during the low season and $350 during high season. A nice Airbnb will average about $45 USD per night and may cost $1,200 USD or more for a month in a nice place in the heart of the General Luna tourism zone. A decent studio or one-bedroom bungalow may cost about $350 USD per month during the low season and $600 or more during the high season. WHERE TO EAT IN SIARGAO – RESTAURANTS IN SIARGAO Food in and around the island is much better than what you’ll find at most of the beach destinations in the Philippines. You’ll find a mix of international and local restaurants and even a fair amount of vegetarian options. A meal at some restaurants may average around 500 PHP while some of the local carinderias and food stalls will offer a simple meal for less than 100 PHP. Kermit has great Italian food and pizza with most meals costing between $5 and $10 dollars. Happy hour is from5 to 7pm and has 2 cocktails for the price of one and half-price beer. Shaka near Cloud 9 has fresh fruit bowls, energy fruit shakes, and healthy vegetarian options. Surf ‘n Dine has a good burger and fries for a little over $4 USD. BOARDWALK ON THE BOULEVARD & GENERAL LUNA MARKET Where the General Luna Road meets the ocean, you’ll find the Boardwalk at the Boulevard. This area is popular with the locals in the evening. Island hopping boats depart from here and you’ll also find fishermen selling their fresh catch. Fruits, vegetables, and meat are available at the local market. You can buy a fresh whole fish or even some fresh vegetables and take it to one of the local BBQs and they will cook it for you for a small price. ISLAND HOPPING Island hopping is a popular activity and there are several small beautiful islands off the coast of General Luna. Many accommodations will arrange boat trips for you. There is also a scuba diving shop located at the pier. Two dives will cost about $80 USD. CLOUD 9 VILLAGE The Cloud 9 village is a great place to spend the day for beachgoers and all levels of surfers. Cloud 9 has put Philippines surfing on the map. There are many concessions around the village where you can rent a surfboard, or get something to eat or drink. Artisans are around selling handmade jewelry and creative designers are selling their t-shirts, perfect for a souvenir, and a great way to help support the local artistic community. The going rate for a private one-hour surf lesson and board rental is 500 P or about $10 USD. Cloud 9 is the location of international and national surf competitions held at the end of September. #SiargaoIsland #Philippines #Siargao #GeneralLuna For more information about living abroad, retiring overseas and international living, please subscribe to Living Overseas TV on our website at www.LivingOverseas.TV




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