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Siargao Ranks as Top Philippine Destination for Slow Travel, According to Agoda

Siargao Ranks as Top Philippine Destination for Slow Travel, According to Agoda

As more individuals embrace the concept of slow travel—immersing themselves in one destination rather than rushing through multiple spots in a single trip—Agoda has taken notice of this trend. In an analysis spanning its eight Asian markets, including the Philippines, Agoda scrutinized bookings made from January to March of this year to identify the top destinations for leisurely exploration.

Topping the list for the longest average length of stay is Khao Lak in Thailand, followed closely by Seoul in South Korea, Perhentian Islands in Malaysia, and Tokyo in Japan. Siargao secured the fifth spot on Agoda's ranking, emerging as the foremost destination for slow travel in the Philippines. It's trailed by Pekanbaru in Indonesia, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, and Ahmedabad in India.

Situated in the southern Philippines, the picturesque island of Siargao, famed as the nation's surfing haven, beckons travelers seeking a leisurely pace. Among Filipino users of Agoda, Siargao reigns supreme as the preferred destination for unhurried exploration, with Puerto Galera and Davao City following suit.

Internationally, Filipino travelers exhibit a penchant for extended stays in Seoul, South Korea, noted as the most favored destination for slow travel. Mike Hwang, Agoda's country director for the Philippines, underlines the allure of slow travel amidst today's fast-paced lifestyle, emphasizing the desire among travelers to disconnect from the routine and forge deeper connections with the places they visit.




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