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Smooth and Scenic Ride: Bus Travel from Davao City to Surigao City with Bachelor Express

  Smooth and Scenic Ride: Bus Travel from Davao City to Surigao City with Bachelor Express

Comfortable and Scenic Journey: Bus Travel from Davao City to Surigao City with Bachelor Express

Traveling from Davao City to Surigao City by bus offers a convenient and picturesque way to traverse Mindanao. Starting from the bustling Davao City Bus Terminal, Bachelor Express operates daily bus services to Surigao City, ensuring a smooth and comfortable trip for all passengers.

 Bachelor Express Bus Schedule

From Davao City Bus Terminal to Surigao City:

- 4:00 AM - Air-conditioned bus
- 5:00 AM - Air-conditioned bus
- 6:00 AM - Air-conditioned bus
- 7:00 AM - Air-conditioned bus

Travel Experience

Bachelor Express provides a comfortable travel experience with its fleet of air-conditioned buses. Each bus is equipped with plush seats, ample legroom, and cooling systems to ensure a pleasant journey, even in the tropical climate of Mindanao.

Journey Highlights

- Scenic Landscapes: Passengers can enjoy stunning views of Mindanao's diverse landscapes, from verdant mountains to coastal stretches, making the journey a visual treat.
- Convenient Rest Stops: The bus route includes regular rest stops, allowing passengers to refresh, use restrooms, and grab snacks or meals.
- Flexible Schedule: With multiple departures starting early in the morning, travelers can choose a time that best fits their schedule.

Arrival in Surigao City

Upon reaching Surigao City, travelers are welcomed into a city known for its beautiful islands and rich marine life. Surigao City serves as a gateway to popular destinations such as Siargao Island, famous for its surfing spots and serene beaches.

Tips for Travelers

- Early Arrival: Arrive at the Davao City Bus Terminal at least 30 minutes before your departure time to ensure a hassle-free boarding experience.
- Advance Booking: To secure your preferred travel time, especially during peak periods, consider booking your ticket in advance.
- Travel Essentials: Bring along snacks, water, and entertainment to enhance your comfort during the journey.

Embark on a memorable journey from Davao City to Surigao City with Bachelor Express, enjoying the comfort of air-conditioned buses and the scenic beauty of Mindanao along the way.

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