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Biyaheng CARAGA: Bugkosal Festival

Biyaheng CARAGA: Bugkosal Festival

The BUGKOSAN Festival, also known as the "Bugkosan sa Isla Festival," is a unique celebration in Caraga that honors the solidarity and Bayanihan spirit of its towns. The festival marks the founding anniversary of Dinagat Islands and is a way for the community to give thanks for their successful and victorious undertakings in social, cultural, political and other areas throughout the year. The festival is also a way to promote cultural identity and sustainable development on the island. BUGKOSAN Festival takes its name from the word "bugkos," which means to "unite, gather, or bind," and is celebrated on October 2nd, first commemorated in 2008. The festival features a variety of culturally rich programs such as a search for Prinsesa Dina and Prinsepe Gat, street and stationary dancing competitions, as well as an agri-fishery and tourism trade fair.
Bugkosal Festival - Dinagat
Bugkosal Festival - by Caraga Na - Department of Tourism Caraga Region
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