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Surigaonon Language

Surigaonon Language

surigao language dialect

Old Surigao words seldom used

Minayaas(Kinaraan [sa naandan o kuman na sinultihan]) - English
Mayaas (Tiguyang) - old folk
Minayaas (Kinaraan) - old style, old way
Laton (Lata) - tin can usually for storage
Pi-ot / Tipig (Tago) - keep, hide
Sartin (Plato) - dish or plate, specifically enamel coated
Tagaylo (Hangjo) - plea, ask favor
Idiwit (Iduhoy) - to pass something by reaching out
Tinare (Kare) - call to come
Paseyo (Panaw) - stroll
Alingogngog (Bujong) - noisy
Ujok (Hilom) - quiet, hush
Hanugay (Adjaw) - do not
Hampang (Duwa) - play
Hampan (Sunod, Tapos) - and then
Idespwes (Ugsa) - and therefore
Ingud (Natad) - any area downstairs outside the house, usually front yard
Diskanso (Gawas) - porch; also end of time as in school or office hours
Hikay (Andam pangaon)) - celebration, usually with food
Kumbira - feast, usually for wedding
Kumparsa (Tukar) - band, also the play by a band
Kansyon (Kanta) - sing, usually accompanied by a guitar; also serenade
Sibay (Sajaw) - dance, ballroom style
Sirong - street dance
Kombate (Away) - street fight, brawl



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